The view west from the homestead

The view west from the homestead

Sweet Chance

Sweet Chance

Friday, August 10, 2007


We are experiencing technical difficulties (yes....Chris has admitted defeat) at publishing pictures on our blog. Does anyone have any ideas? We can download the pics onto this computer (a mac ) but Chris can't get them onto the blog. No...he hasn't asked for help or read the instructions (since there aren't any). We may have to resort to shutterfly or something. Or.....god fordbid, tech help. So here I am, a humble person of the gender that allows asking for help....anyone know what the problem may be??? Anny


The Roving Ruges said...

I take acception to this statement. I will gladly take all help in this matter. It may have something to do with the wireless we have access to. I haven't tried this hooked up to a cable yet since we left.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the vicissitudes of wireless technology! I'm sure you all know how to find the "upload photo" icon on Blogger when you are creating a new entry. If not, find it! If the photos are living on your hard drive, there should be no reason why you couldn't upload photos that way directly into your blog.

The other way is to upload photos to Picasa (Google's photo program) and you can send photos from that program to your blog!

Buena suerte!