The view west from the homestead

The view west from the homestead

Sweet Chance

Sweet Chance

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Teslin's Poem


I smell the snow on the ground and trees.

I smell melting snow combined with Little Bears hair.

I smell the river and spring approaching.

I smell the rabbits that loon has killed.

I smell the cat hair from Sabai, coming out of the open doors.

I smell the rain that has so often come down.

I smell spring, and warmth approaching.

I see the snow melting off the trees in the warm spring air.

I see the chickadees at the feeder, eating the seeds and singing their spring song. I hear the frogs croaking in the spring.

I see the birds fleeing around. I see little Bear and Sabai, Having a tussle through the open window.

I see mom making Mac and Cheese in the kitchen. I see spring and all the wanders of Belchertown.

I hear the river ice cracking in the warm spring air. I hear all the birds welcoming spring with their spring songs. I hear loon purring in the house.

Little Bear barks and comes tearing after me through the snow. He slips and falls into the snow.

I hear the springs rushing in the woods around our house. I hear a lot of wonders of spring and what it brings. I hear some music coming from the house. I hear dad taking the tarp off of the pool.

I hear humming birds buzzing and humming at the newly put out feeder.

I hear Cassidy saying “Touch down, he passes to John Levy who goes tearing down towards the End zone.” Playing football with imaginary players.

I hear spring and the end of the school year approaching.

I touch the slush under my boots. I feel the runners if the sleds I loved to ride in.

I feel Little Bears warm fur as I hug Him In praise of doing an agility jump.

I feel the swings of the swing set, wet and drippy. I feel the warming air in my lungs, making my heart beat steady

I feel spring and the end of winter.

I taste the rain that is evaporated in the air. It is cold, wet, but will soon be gone.

I taste my hair in my mouth; moms wet lips, and dad’s scratchy chin.

I taste a little blood as the baseball Cassidy was playing with hits me in the face.

I feel my pillow move a little as the tooth fairy takes my tooth I lost and replaces it with a coin. I taste the soft comforting sheets of my bed as I press my face into my pillow.

I taste the yummy Mac and Cheese and other cooking mom and dad make.

I taste dad’s hair and shirt as he carries me out of the car. I can feel his arms comforting and supporting my back. I feel his knuckles as he does the buffalo massage on my back.

I can feel a lot of things.

I feel, taste, hear, smell, see, and touch all the wonders of spring.

By Teslin Marie Ruge

Age 10

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